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12 Netflix shows and movies in Dolby Vision HDR you actually need to watch

By on April 6, 2020 0 198 Views

Let’s picture the scene: you’re relaxing at home after a long day’s remote working, and you’re looking for something truly eye-catching to take your mind off things on one of your favorite TV streaming services. Thankfully, if you have a subscription to Netflix, there are a number of HDR TV shows and films available for you to watch.

Why should you care about HDR? HDR (high dynamic range, to use its full title) is a modern TV technology that gives video that extra oomph. The increased dynamic range over basic SDR (standard dynamic range) allows for more colors, better contrast, and a more nuanced palette than you would get on your TV otherwise.

HDR isn’t that hard to come by these days – though Netflix also supports a dynamic HDR format called Dolby Vision, which packs in additional metadata to tailor the television’s picture scene by scene, and ensure the end result is as close as possible to the master screens used in a film or TV show’s production studio.

You don’t need HDR to enjoy a movie, of course, but it makes a huge difference to the visuals if you have a 4K HDR TV able to display it. That’s why we’ve brought together some choice picks of Netflix series you’ll be able to watch in Dolby Vision HDR – or regular HDR if your television doesn’t support the premium format.

1. Star Trek Discovery

The seventh Star Trek series, Discovery, was created for CBS All Access, though also made its way to Netflix internationally – offering a tantalizing world of hyperspeed, intergalactic warfare and The Walking Dead’s excellent (and we mean excellent) Sonequa Martin-Green in the lead role.

2. Chef’s Table

The first Netflix Original documentary is still one of its best. Chef’s Table profiles a different professional chef each episode, and has now been running for six seasons – meaning there’s plenty of food porn and behind-the-scenes chat with cuisine maestros for you to enjoy.

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