September 30, 2022
  • September 30, 2022

11 Diet Tips From Expert To Maintain Optimum Nutrition

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Living healthy tips: Eating right food at the right time is a common advice we keep hearing routinely. However, what food is the right food is the question posed many a times. Well, the formula is to include a mix of vegetables, milk, cereals, pulses, eggs in the diet along with required quantity of meat. Balanced diet is vital to promote the well-being of the person and also to develop strong immunity system.

Owing to our busy schedules, meal timings have become irregular. And due to these time constraints, people are depending on easy cook meals, which have low nutritional value. These kinds of foods are one of the major causes for nutritional imbalances in the body. Low nutrition diet can contribute to stress, tiredness, fatigue. These complications can cause health problems like Osteoporosis, Protein energy malnutrition, Vitamin B12 deficiency thus leading to numbness of finger tips, Poor concentration, Brittle, and Dry Hair, Dental Problems, Low immunity, Anemia.

Living healthy tips: Diet tips to maintain balanced nutrition

1. Control your portion sizes i.e., don’t increase the quantity of food beyond what is required for the body. Always use small bowls for solid foods and big glass for liquids.

2. Take small and frequent meals. 3 major meals and 2-3 light snacks (sprouts, fruits, egg-whites, soups, buttermilk etc)

3. It is suggested to consume chapati made out of wheat flour + jowar flour/ Soya bean flour/ragi flour/ gram flour/ bajra flour /millets in a ratio of 3:1. Add 1 tsp of flaxseeds or methi seeds or cinnamon powder.

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